Why You Should Choose MBizM Group For Your Lean Six Sigma / Operational Excellence Needs

It is vital to choose the right training provider to feed the organization's operational excellence needs

20 July 2022

Why You Should Choose MBizM Group

What is Lean? Lean is improving process performance by eliminating waste and reducing cycle time. Lean was developed in Toyota as part of the Toyota Production System, and the fundamental of lean is eliminating waste. It is a set of tools that assist the production team in identifying and eliminating waste in the process or manufacturing of the products or services. Meanwhile, Six Sigma focuses more on reducing process variations or problems to enhance process control. At the same time, Lean Six Sigma is a methodology combined to give the best possible quality of finished goods and services to the customers without increasing the process cost. It helps to improve customer satisfaction by reducing variation, waste, and cycle time and, simultaneously, implementing work standardization and flow.

MBizM Group was founded with the initial goal to create the foundations in capability, technology & cultural change management to achieve & sustain greater returns of shareholder value among clients. MBizM Group is a renowned Lean Six Sigma Training & Consultation provider with clientele with global and partnership ranging across South Pacific and Southeast Asia. With over 50 years of combined experience, MBizM Group has steadily established its professional network across industries and regions and employs qualified consultants in training, consulting, and industrial knowledge. Not only that, MBizM Group is the deployer of Lean Six Sigma, a revolutionary business improvement methodology. MBizM Group focus mainly on business solution, delivering to organizations and personnel that are driving towards continuous improvement, innovations, & complexity elimination.

The benefits of choosing MBizM Group as your Lean Six Sigma training provider are, our trainers have years of experience working in the industry especially on Lean Six Sigma deployment before becoming a consultant, and all of our trainers have Black Belt and Master Black Belt certifications. Apart from that, they are employed directly by the company and working with us as a full time and permanent trainer. Not only that, due to their experience in the industry previously, they are able to relate the Lean Six Sigma training with real-life examples to ensure our participants/clients have a full understanding of the applications of the continuous improvement knowledge at work.

Other than that, we are accredited organizations by the Six Sigma accreditation body such as CSSC and IASSC / PeopleCert. This accreditation offers MBizM Group, as Lean Six Sigma Training Provider, the opportunity to ensure the training we provide is valid and follows the guidelines required and tested for the IASSC Certification. This accreditation also provides learners with valuable input in their search for credible Lean Six Sigma providers. Besides, MBizM Group possesses HRDC and TTT certification and approval to conduct certified training. All our Lean Six Sigma training is registered under HRDC, which allows our clients to claim for the training under HRDC.

At MBizM Group, we are committed to providing our clients with Lean Six Sigma training in any possible circumstances. Due to the covid 19 pandemic in the past two years, we are able to conduct our training Online. Therefore, one of the benefits that we could offer is hybrid and online programs. Whereby clients have the opportunity to enrol in our training in the comfort of their own homes.  

We also invite our clients to become our alumni on our newly built website made for our alumni. By becoming a member/alumnus, you will gain access to:

•            Brand new alumni website

•            Case studies

•            Networking

•            Project Example Case Studies

•            Promotions & vouchers

•            Learning Management System (LMS)

•            Best practices

•            and many more to come.

MBizM Group recently has broadened our clientele by penetrating educational institution. MBizM Group is now working closely with an institution in a long-term partnership, providing Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt training to their students and lecturers. In addition, we have established our certified training services to the organization among various industries within the ASEAN region, such as Singapore, Brunei, and Thailand, for training and consulting. With our idiosyncratic approach amongst clients, we aim towards the same aspiration, and delivering success, has awarded us with outstanding achievements and recognition nationally and globally.

Furthermore, as an established company, we also comply with corporate social responsibility (CSR) by employing and providing training to our intern students to ensure they will gain enough knowledge to apply once they graduate.

If you are keen to learn Lean Six Sigma knowledge and operational excellence needs, do not hesitate to visit our website at https://sixsigma.org.my/  for more information, or you can speak with our representative at +603 7873 8485. We offer the best price for Lean Six Sigma Training in Malaysia with certified trainers and complementary training materials.



We are looking forward to having you onboard!

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