Lean Six Sigma Black Belt: Do You Have What It Takes?

As a certified Black belter, you are the expert in your field hence you shall have the ability to grasp and demonstrate Lean Six Sigma philosophies with supporting frameworks and tools.

16 March 2022

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt: Do You Have What It Takes?

Who Wants to be a Six Sigma Black Belt?

If you are thinking about upgrading your Lean Six Sigma knowledge to black belt, you are most likely already had a green belt with Lean Six Sigma experience. By right, you already know how to implement and use the Lean Six Sigma tools and methodologies such as DMAIC in the continuous improvement process of your organization.

Bear in mind that your knowledge and experience as a Green Belt is crucial. It teaches you the fundamental of Lean Six Sigma principles that could help you and the organization to achieve operational effectiveness with the implementation of Lean Six Sigma. Therefore, if your Green Belt experience allows you to embrace Lean Six Sigma, an objective approach to quality improvement, and you develop a taste for using statistical tools to solve problems, your interests and abilities may align with Black Belt qualifications.

As a certified Black belter, you are the expert in your field hence you shall have the ability to grasp and demonstrate Lean Six Sigma philosophies with supporting frameworks and tools. Black belts have absolute comprehension of all parts of the DMAIC as per Lean Six Sigma standards. Apart from that, a black belter must have the fundamental learning of Lean Six Sigma concepts as it allows them to recognize Lean Six Sigma tools that can be used to fix or prevent any setbacks from happening in any process.

Roles of a Black Belter in the Organization

A black belter is not just someone keen on improving and upgrading their knowledge. But they are also the change agent in the organization they work at. Once you have required your green belt, you must have been thinking about moving forward and upgrading your belt, right? However, do you know what it takes to be a Lean Six Sigma black belter? Or do you know the roles of a black belter in an organization? Look through! As we are going to explain and answer your curiosity!


A Good Leader

A black belter is someone who is experienced in Lean Six Sigma and the process in the organization. Thus, he or she needs to have a clear vision of Six Sigma, the process, and the company for them to guide their project team member. A black belter needs to learn and understand the team dynamics and have the interpersonal skills to encourage teamwork, critical evaluation, and creative thinking in their teams. Black belts usually have strong interpersonal skills to help motivate the other team members and resolve conflicts when needed


Business Analyst

A black belter should have the capability to understand the organization’s goals, vision, and mission. Black belters need to be able to see a big picture on how to achieve the organization’s goals by understanding how to overcome resistance and acquire resources from leadership by demonstrating how Lean Six Sigma can help the company achieve its objectives.


Excellent Communicator

A black belter should acquire excellent communication skills. This is one of the crucial skills that a black belter should have. They must be able to explain complex concepts of the Lean Six Sigma methodology, to achieve corporation and obtain resources from employees from different levels. They need to be well articulated fluent in the languages of various departments, from front-line workers to the corporate executives and the top management. Black belters may also utilize their communication skills to mentor and coach project teams.


Change Agent

A black belter always wants to live in a better world and is keen to work twice harder than everyone else to get there. They constantly pursue positive changes, even if it means that it might conflict with the current practice, and deal with opinions from their colleagues. A black belter doesn’t just randomly want to shake or change things; however, they will help the team make changes they initiate to become a permanent part of the business operations.

Benefits of Black Belt certification to an Individual

Opportunities for New Leadership

Lean Six Sigma projects are often led by the highest-ranking member of the project team. As someone who already has experience with Lean Six Sigma projects, you will be able to maneuver and handle any Lean Six Sigma project like a pro! Not only that, with all the knowledge you have, this is an excellent opportunity to improve your leadership skill. 


Better Understanding of the DMAIC Methodology

DMAIC methodology is the main foundation of Lean Six Sigma, to have an excellent and in-depth understanding of this methodology is crucial if you want to achieve continuous improvement in your organization. Hence, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training will give you a deeper understanding of the DMAIC methodology to apply it correctly.


Develop Passion for Quality Improvements

As Lean Six Sigma professionals, you will always look for any opportunity to improve and innovate that can be implemented in the organization. Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training does more than teach you how to implement those technical skills you have that will help you succeed in your career. Black belt knowledge can help you to discover a new passion in quality or continuous improvement regardless of what industry you are working in.


To Improve Your Technical Knowledge

As project manager of the team, you will need to be able to familiarize and use different types of data analysis while using Lean Six Sigma methodology tools. You have to get used to implementing Minitab while working on a project. Hence, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training will prepare you to handle the most common programming task you will encounter.

Who Should Attend Black Belt Training?

Everyone can upgrade and upskill their knowledge, but not everyone knows how to apply it daily. Here in Lean Six Sigma Organization, we believe that success is achievable if you have the willingness and determination to push yourself up to achieve the goals. If you are ready to upgrade your knowledge and be the change agent in your organization, you have what it takes to be one of the most significant roles in the organization. Look no further as this is the time to enrol in our Black Belt training.

Lean Six Sigma Organization provides various Lean Six Sigma training stages such as Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt, and Master Black Belt. Our consultants and trainers are Lean Six Sigma certified, and they have conducted training for many years for clients in different industries. For your information, Lean Six Sigma Organization is an Accredited Training Organization, Curriculum Provider and Examination Center by IASCC and by Council for Six Sigma Certification. We offer the best price for Lean Six Sigma training in Malaysia with certified trainers and complimentary training materials. If you wish to learn more about process mapping and Lean Six Sigma training, visit our website at https://sixsigma.org.my/ to learn more about our Lean Six Sigma programmes.

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