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Lean Sigma Experts Australia, at its core, is about improving processes whilst also improving the quality of the process outputs. In Six Sigma Experts Australia, improvements are defined by their impact on customer satisfaction and value. From an internal perspective, Lean Sigma Experts Australia provides a way of improving processes so that any organisation can efficiently and predictably produce world-class products and services. Six Sigma Australia places a clear focus on bottom-line impact on hard savings.

Lean Six Sigma can be considered as a business strategy and a science that aim for the reduction in operational costs. It improves customer satisfaction and bottom-line savings significantly by combining statistical and business process methodologies into an integrated model of process, product and service improvement. Six Sigma reduces variation and subjectivity in decision-making through the creation of a system where everyone collects and analyses data in a cohesive and systematic manner.

The company provides expertise in practical tools, techniques and methodologies in improving the business processes that exist in a given company whilst equipping the participating members of that company with a range of project tools and problem-solving skills.