Dr. Muraliraj

Dr. Muraliraj Jagantheran, PHD, ICBB

Director, MBizM Group

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Consultant​

Dr. Muraliraj holds a doctorate degree from University of Malaya (Malaysia) overlapping the field of Quality Management, Continuous Improvement & Innovation. His research base is centered around continuous improvement philosophies such as Lean & Six Sigma & how their application & management can potentially morph towards innovation. Specialised in process mapping, optimization, cost reductions, deploying process excellence strategies, Dr. Muraliraj has been involved in process excellence projects, performance improvements, & change management in shipping, oil & gas, engineering & IT industries for
more than 7 years. Some of his recent success include training and coaching of Lean Six Sigma in a national multi-industry corporation involving tens of personnel ranging from various designation which led to substantial financial savings besides a sustainable operational excellence.

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